Tarte "Drink of H20"

My favorite moisturizer . Hands Down!
— Auvious

Hey guys, so I have really oily but also sensitive skin and I would have the worst problem having makeup on during the day or when I go out. I would become really oily in my t-zone area which for the people who don't know where its the middle of your forehead down the middle of your nose, under your eyes, upper lip and chin . It is the worst when you have make on and when you don't ! But I saw a makeup artist I watch on Youtube Laura Lee and she had a whole video dedicated to products people with oily skin can use. And I love the brand Tarte! When I first started doing make up this is the brand I used so I thought id try it. Let me tell you I'd put it on after I wash my face and id be set all day. I highly recommend it ! You can get it at Ulta, Sephora or online at tarte.com it retails for $39.00 plus tax but its totally worth it 1.7 oz and 50ml.  Let me know what you think if you've ever tried this product in the comments below ! Xoxo -AuVi

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Rudee's 21st Birthday

So over the weekend my best friend Rudee and her nieces celebrated their birthdays which are all on the same day : July 8th ! But it was Rudee's 21st birthday and a bunch of us went to Ocean Beach in San Fransisco to celebrate with them. Drinks, snacks, music and good company! The water was super cold but it was beautiful the sunset and later on we had a bonfire and made some smores I got some good pictures as well ! I hope you guys enjoyed your birthday guys ! Love you so much. -Auvi. 

Pray for Manchester

GOD IS GOOD in the midst of darkness in the midst of Evil. GOD IS IN THE MIDST...
— Justin Bieber

Right now Ariana Grande is currently on her Europe half of her Dangerous Woman Tour. And a very upsetting happened at her show in Manchester on Monday May 22, 2017. I was just getting back to the Bay Area from New Orleans when I heard what happened.. And what I read was that it was a suicide bombing that killed 22 individuals and injured 59 others.

Concerts are a place where you can go and be free, you spend weeks planning what your going to wear and how you'll do your makeup that night who your going to go with and what your gonna do after and that experienced was robbed of them due to such a cruel human being. Concerts are one of m favorites things to go to its that 1hour you get to see and listen to your favorite artist live. Because of concerts and music I have met some amazing people. I can only imagine what the families of the victims and Ariana Grande and her team are going through but I send them my prayers and love.

Two weeks later June 4, 2017 Ariana flew back to Manchester and held a benefit concert for the victims and their families to raise money to help with cost of the injured and the ones taken and with a little help from musical influences not all shown below they have raised 12milliion dollars and counting... That's really amazing, this money wont bring back their loved ones but it will help with laying them to rest peaceful and respectfully.

If you want to donate go here and do what you can 1 dollar can go a long way<3 onelovemachester.com

XoXo Auvi.


Monica The Medium

medium- the ability to connect to souls who have crossed over.

This post isn't to convince you to believe in something that goes against you beliefs. This is simply my belief in something not everyone is open to. After finishing a season of Theresa Caputo's Long Island Medium, I was bummed about not having anymore episodes to watch. So, I decided to search Xfinity for more show like hers. That's when I came across Season 1 of Monica The Medium on ABC's Freeform.

For many that dont know what a medium is or what they do from my understanding and through what I've experienced  They communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. For me I've always been curious on what happens to you once we leave this physical earth. And through these shows like Monica The Medium,Theresa Caputo's: Long Island Medium and Tyler Henry: Hollywood Medium I began to form my own beliefs and I have not been disappointed. Because of the amazing people with a rare and special gift I have learned many lessons on how to deal with grief and tools to help me after the passing of a loved one.

So to end my birthday month I purchased a meet and greet ticket to see the amazing Monica Ten Kate at one of her events. I work in San Francisco and the event was in San Mateo about 35 minutes on Bart from my job. So after work Friday April 28, 2017 I got on the train and took my happy little self over there lol. And i must say it was by far the most amazing experience its takes an curious and open person to have the courage to go because loosing a loved on is never easy. But from watching her on t.v to seeing her live I have every reason to believe that our loved one are always with us and they are here guiding us from the other side. Monica was just as sweet, funny and crazy honest with an amazing calm presence about her. What she and I'm sure many more are able to do is special they are connecting us with the people who have helped shape our heart in some way or form. They feel and sense things related to our loved one and that includes feeling sensations of their passing or being taken back to the time of their passing and final moments they dont just make this stuff up. Now im sure there are people who are not sincere but for the ones who pinpoint something no one would know take that chance and be open because the message is healing.  I'm grateful for my crazy open  mindedness it was super fulfilling and if I had the chance I'd go see her again if I had the chance to.


In these pictures we are talking about how good the air was flowing through the room the whole night.

lf your interested check out her show Season 1 and Season 2 of her show Monica The Medium!



YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/MonicatheMedium


21st Birthday BBQ!

 Hey Guys! So my birthday fell on Easter(April 16,2017) this year and it happened to also be my 21st birthday!!!! So I figured why not do something where I can have my family and friends together in a place where I don't have to worry about splitting a bill but just BBQ to hang out with music and catch up with each other so Saturday April 15,2017. I had my BBQ at the Blue Rock Springs Park around the Lake View  area in Vallejo CA. The weather turned out to be perfect that day considering that it was supposed to be cloudy.. It was actually sunny but it did rain on my actual birthday.

Thank you to everyone who came and shared my special day with me I really appreciated it!

Here are some more pictures of my special day spent with my family and friends ... ♡