L A Getaway

Beach, Eat, Hike & Shop



Hey Guys, Welcome to my first blog post I hope you stick around and read it ! During the weekend of April 21-23 a couple of my friends and I took a trip down to LA to celebrate my 21st birthday and just have a break from work and life at home. We drove down in my friends Rudee's car Thursday night and we got to our hotel super early! Like almost 12 hours earlier but luckily we slept in the car for a little and at about 6 am I went to go see if they had a room available earlier and they did! We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott by LAX and the hotel was really nice and not far from all the places we went to that weekend. I bought myself a Sony ax5000 camera a month before the trip that I got to use during this trip so ill be sure to share some photos I captured of our weekend! So..

Friday- We went to the Grove, and then the Westfield Mall and Bj's For Dinner.

Saturday- We went to Venice Beach and I got a new tattoo I will share in a later post :) but we also went to Santa Monica Pier and had dinner at Bubba Gumps (my favorite restaurant) !

Sunday- We went hiking at Runyon Canyon and then attempted to get loser to the Hollywood sign using this video Rudee found on Facebook but we didn't get that far... lol And then we went to each lunch at King Tacos and ended the night in Downtown Hollywood where all the stars are!!

- Auvi