Pray for Manchester

GOD IS GOOD in the midst of darkness in the midst of Evil. GOD IS IN THE MIDST...
— Justin Bieber

Right now Ariana Grande is currently on her Europe half of her Dangerous Woman Tour. And a very upsetting happened at her show in Manchester on Monday May 22, 2017. I was just getting back to the Bay Area from New Orleans when I heard what happened.. And what I read was that it was a suicide bombing that killed 22 individuals and injured 59 others.

Concerts are a place where you can go and be free, you spend weeks planning what your going to wear and how you'll do your makeup that night who your going to go with and what your gonna do after and that experienced was robbed of them due to such a cruel human being. Concerts are one of m favorites things to go to its that 1hour you get to see and listen to your favorite artist live. Because of concerts and music I have met some amazing people. I can only imagine what the families of the victims and Ariana Grande and her team are going through but I send them my prayers and love.

Two weeks later June 4, 2017 Ariana flew back to Manchester and held a benefit concert for the victims and their families to raise money to help with cost of the injured and the ones taken and with a little help from musical influences not all shown below they have raised 12milliion dollars and counting... That's really amazing, this money wont bring back their loved ones but it will help with laying them to rest peaceful and respectfully.

If you want to donate go here and do what you can 1 dollar can go a long way<3

XoXo Auvi.