For every moment I spent giving you everything there was a moment of silence..
For every moment of love there was a moment of coldness.
For every moment I shared I shared good times there was a moment of lack of faith.
For every moment we spent speaking of the future there were moments on obsessing over the past ..
TRUE LOVE can not grow without willingness to let go of the past, can not grow with out speaking about your true emotions.
For those moments I spent caring so much now are the moments I care very little.
For the moments I spent wondering what I could do for you I forgot to take care of myself.
And for forgetting those moments I lost myself. As I sit here trying to gather myself and pick up the pieces I sit back and wonder how it all went wrong?
The answer is I gave you all the worth and left none for me.
— DL
You hide your emotions in distance..
You hide your true nature in a façade of coldness. You hide your love with pessimism..
You hide your hope with a blanket of fake emptiness, you see the world as unfair.
You see the world as unfair .
You see the world as pain you see the world as a place where maybe just maybe it will turn out ok..
The faith you run from, the love you tried too hide from, the hope you believe doesn’t exist, will one day catch up, will one day find your hiding spot, will one day make you a believer.
That will scare you more.
That will make you retreat and try and hide once more..
But, it will find you. It will hope for you and it will always take care of you...
— DL
In life we got through ups and downs right and wrongs.
Sometimes along the way we make friends who we think are gonna be in our life forever.
Well from what I’ve learned thats not necessarily the case.
Some friends we will have with us through thick and thin they grow with us, are there to slap us upside the head when we do something wrong.
Other friends enable us to go down the wrong path, are stuck in the same spot and don’t allow themselves to grow which doesn’t all you to grow.
It makes it very difficult to know when we get to a point where we need to separate or when we need to let them know we will always be there for them we just can’t be there to enable them.
Get in touch with yourself , your gut will tell you when its yearning to grow.
it might even give you a nudge as to who to bring with you as you do your growing.
— DL